About me

Project Manager I  Master Degree Holder in Mass Communication & PR I Researcher
Specialized in Semiotics Of Pictures & Branding

I am currently working as a project manager in advertising agency (eje studio®), and a master degree holder in MASS Communication and PR. In my research, I developed a new analysing tool to read the signs and icons behinds the images in the commercial advertisements. Also, it explains why graphic designers choose their elements, icons, colors, shapes, curves.. etc. Moreover, it’s show how companies can build a strong brand using brand identity, as an important element in brand management in an organization.

This is the first research to follow this research methodology in the Kingdom of Bahrain. I am excited to share and continue to explore this methodology and collaborate with people to expand its potential.

I believe the key for success through hard work, dedication and learning from failure.

I would describe myself as someone who is honest, caring, intelligent, hardworking, and ambitious.

One day i will create my own branding books guiding business to development, reach their target and  goals.

People with creative mind looks at the normal things in a different perspective.

During my Master study, I was also fortunate enough to have served as a teaching assistant. I found that my professional experience as a senior graphic designer, project manager and creating strong brands identity allover the wold in the branding and advertising field provided me with a broad view that is useful assisting designers and any one who would like to open new business to build strong brand identity to reach their goals and achieve their dreams.

Contact me |  j@jehad.co